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20 Fun Facts about The Cayman Islands: 

1) The easy-to-remember country code is 345

2) Over 100 different nationalities are living in peace and harmony. We have fabulous restaurants except for Greek someone needs to open Greek restaurants !  We live up to our nicknamed “Caymankind.” 

3) Sorry no nude beaches, you have to go to St Martin or the Dominican Republic for that.  You can bring your alcoholic drinks to the beach; legal drinking age is 18years old.  Please, please do not drink and drive, there are strict fines and even prison sentences for drugs, drinking and driving or if you bring in a gun or bullets. Drugs are illegal; you will have to go to Jamaica to get dope.  

4) The Cayman Islands currency is fixed to the US$.  Queen Elizabeth II photo is on our paper currency, along with the Coat of Arms, which is a pineapple, turtle and shield.

5) The beautiful Silver Thatch Palm is Cayman's National Tree.

6) The Banana Orchid is our National Flower.

7) “He Hath Founded It upon the Seas.” is the Cayman Islands national song and lotto. 

8) Cayman Brac means “craggy bluff” in Gaelic because of its large Limestone cliff. Cayman Brac is located 90 miles ENE of Grand Cayman.

9) Cayman Brac has the highest point on all three islands coming in 140 feet above sea level.

10) All liquor stores are open until 10 pm. Sorry, you cannot buy liquor, wine or beer at the grocery store or on Sundays so stock up, so you are ready for Sunday Funday. If you did forget to stock up, you could always go to DARTS liquor store at Camana Bay called the West Indian Wine store across from Abacus.

11) While you are visiting Cayman look for the Treasure that was said to be left behind by Neil Walkers, Edward Blackbeard, Henry Morgan when Cayman was occupied by pirates the 18th century. 

12) It has been said that Seven Mile Beach, the most famous beach in the Cayman Islands,  is not Sven Miles long, you will have to walk it to find out how long it is. 

 13) In 1503, Christopher Columbus was a good year for The Cayman Islands; he called Cayman “Las Tortugas” in Spanish because of all the sea turtles he saw. 

14) In 1583, Sir Francis Drake wrote that he says "great serpents call Caimans, like large lizards, which are edible".  Turtle meat was a delicious change for the crew after eating fish.  

15) The first demographic election was on December 10, 1831,  and about  933 people were able to vote in the Cayman Islands. Now there are approximately 65,000 residences on the Three Islands, but only half of those are allowed to vote as they are Citizens the balance are people on work permits. 

16)  Hell and Stingray City:  Yes there is Hell in the Caribbean, and we are not talking about the hot summers.  It is a popular tourist attraction, in West Bay, it is black limestone with ragged edges.  Stingray City is not a city is it a small area in the North Sound where all the fisherman would clean their fish. And throw it over the boat, and the Stingrays would follow the boats in to get fed.   The Stingrays are still wild, but they come in to get fed and touched by thousands of tourists every month.  It is a fabulous experience, and you should book the charter to go. 

17) Another new tourist attraction that is relatively new is Cayman Crystal Caves; they are natural caves that have recently been found and cleaned out so you can walk in them. 

18) Our nearest neighbour is Cuba, which is situated approximately 227 miles north of Grand Cayman. 

19) Grand Cayman is very close to the Cayman Trench which is 4 miles deep, not to many divers have ventured there! 

20) Grand Cayman Real Estate office called Engel & Volkers has a fantastic team of 15 full-time luxury Realtors.  We are here to assisting in finding your perfect vacation property.