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Cayman is an Oasis in a Troubled and Chaotic World. 

Visit us and understand our secret!

In the Cayman Islands -  have our own Premier and government that is voted in by the people. However, we are a British Overseas Territory which means we have a Governor that is appointed by the Queen of England.  Located south of Cuba, and five hundred miles south of Miami, Florida, Costa Rica is off to our Northeast, Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel, Mexico is straight east, Jamaica is NW of us.  The Cayman Islands consist of 3 islands, Little Cayman, Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman. The latter is the largest of islands with approximately 60,000 residents all year round.  The other two islands are smaller in population and land mass.  Brac, as it is known, has 2,000 residents and 200 to 300 residents in "Little".

The Cayman Islands have been affectionately named the Jewel of the Caribbean. Why?  A few reasons such as, we do not have a high unemployment rate, the residents are highly educated and enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the Caribbean. We are fortunate to have an educated and stable government, a stable dollar and comfortable and relaxed lifestyle while enjoying the more elegant things in life.  We have over 200 restaurants on the island and hundreds of picture perfect dive sites and thousands of snorkelling spots.

Grand Cayman is slowly being discovered as a gem for a second home for the snowbirds, or a family vacation home Real estate investment opportunity have consistently proven that Cayman Islands real estate provides a safe and comfortable lifestyle.  Again, we do believe that: 

Cayman is a safe oasis in a troubled and chaotic world.

Please call one of our CIREBA trained Real Estate Realtors for more details on how to buy a Real estate in Cayman.

We have a nickname in Cayman it is CaymanKind because the residents are happy to welcome tourists and new residents.  Did you know that were are almost 100 different nationalities living on this small island? 

The breathtaking island's beauty will stop you in your tracks and make your stay an enjoyable one. Grand Cayman, the largest of the two island is the most substantial and more advanced when it comes infrastructure and restaurants. Grand Cayman Islands’ current population is approximately 60,000. Of that number, about half are Caymanians.  The balance is from locations all around the world, including the London, USA, Canada, Brazil, Jamaica, Honduras, Hong Kong and the Philippines.  Residents who are not a citizen of Cayman Islands reside on the island via work permits. These work permits are for three mths for a temporary work permit up to 1, two up to 5-year work permits. These are the issue to people to work in the banking industry, accounting, legal, domestic household workers, gardening, construction workers to dive industry, tourism and hotel sectors.

High Standard of Living in the Cayman Islands:

The GDP in Cayman is an impressive US$43,800 (2008), and the total GDP is US$2.25 billion (2008). 

When you visit, the Cayman Islands, will not find garbage burning in the street, no pesky street vendors or someone trying to wash your windshield at a stop light.  Beach vendors who peddle hair braids or trinkets nope -  NOT allowed!   Anyone can wear their diamonds or expensive jewellery, and you will not be harassed or robbed. You can walk home from the restaurant in peace, with all the plentiful food, you will want to walk back! 

The Cayman Islands GDP per capita is the 14th highest in the world. 

The Cayman Islands have their currency called the Cayman Island Dollar, CI$ or KYD.  Good news is that the CI$ is tied to the US$ at a fixed rate. It will cost you US$1.25 to buy a KYD$1.00 dollar. However, you can bring USD to the island, and it is widely accepted locally. 

Grand Cayman, A Business Hub:

Grand Cayman located on the northwest corner of the Caribbean Sea, (yes we all refer to the water like the ocean, but we discovered in the Caribbean SEA).

Grand Cayman is known for Cayman Ridge, or Rise runs alongside the Cayman Trough. Did you know that our Trench 20,000 feet deep, and located 4 miles south of Grand Cayman Island. The most extensive Trench is the Marianna Trench, the Cayman Trench comes in 2nd in the world in dept, that is why we rarely get hurricanes in Cayman. 

Grand Cayman is a smaller island, compared to others islands in the Caribbean, yet several areas are desirable places to call home. A West Bay home, an oceanfront condo located on Seven Mile Beach or quaint and quiet villas in Cayman Kai, we have it all. We have something for every purchaser, in most budgets in the Cayman Islands real estate market.