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August 2018

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Are you thinking about buying property in The Caymans? Consider these five things that renters do not have to pay!

Homeownership may be a goal for many, and as a Real Estate Agent in the Cayman Islands, I would love to sell you a property, that is how I earn a living. However, sometimes it is not the right time or the right decision for you to buy. Here are some helpful tips about homeownership vs renting to help you make an informed decision.

Did you know that renters make up about 37 percent of households in America, and that has increased since 2005. More than half of the millennials and Gen Z renters have thought about buying but only 18 percent do. In the Cayman Islands, it is much the same.

1. Property taxes
In the Cayman Islands, there is

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Landlords, none of us want to hear the words at the end of the phone “We have a problem”.  For many issues that arise, we can prepare and do preventative maintenance to avoid massive problems later. Here are nine maintenance things to do to keep the cost of repairs down.

1. Service the air conditioning systems.

This can be one of the significant expenses to your ROI. It is imperative that you as a landlord make sure you have the air conditioning systems serviced at least every six months. Cost of that is anywhere between $55 and $95 per service. Most local a/c service companies on island recommend every three months. What I suggest is that you buy extra filters and teach the tenant how to replace them every so often. Filters are inexpensive Aron $4

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