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6 Must do's Before Listing your Property

Monday, April 16th, 2018 at 7:55am Shell Admin Cayman Islands

6 Must do's Before Listing your Property

The next step for preparation is to find an agent to help them list their property. This transition is enormous for a client as they have to make the mental shift from a homeowner to a home seller. It can be extremely mentally and physically draining to get a house ready for selling. Though it's likely that the physical work will be the most taxing, home sellers always know that they can still reap the rewards of their effort even if they don't manage to sell their property.

We are here to help with 6 suggestons for home sellers and their homes can be even more prepared for selling.

1. Establish Your Course of Action
If you know your end goal is to sell a home, the best way to get there is to plan out how you will do that. By understanding the work ahead of you, it will become less daunting.

This process can be a checklist of things to do, a calendar with notes on what you need to get done, or even a timeline, but it is a great idea to have this planned out.  Ask the Engel & Volkers real estate advisor to show you a sample listing agreement. We will go thru the contract and work together to understand it and discuss who will do what tasks, from when you first list the property to when your home is on the market. This agreement should cover actions such as: keeping valuations from pre-listing appointments up to date, deciding on a listing price goal, getting this agreement signed and listed, readying the property to be photographed by getting it cleaned and neat, and planning times for open houses.

2. Photoshoot Planning
It is always a good idea to stage the property, to present the property in the best light. One of the worst things to do is take bad, grainy photos that are poorly lit using a phone. A bad quality photo will likely turn people away from your home, and they will not even want to set up a showing appointment. Your Engel & Volkers Agent will pay for a professional photographer in Cayman to take some good shots. Your potential buyers will be paying attention to the photos you put up on your property. High quality and attractive images will give your listing a considerable advantage.

3. Changes to Attract Potential Buyers
The seller and the agent should walk around the property to check when the exterior was last painted and to see if any other upgrades are needed. Simple things like a new paint job can increase the appeal of your home to buyers immensely. Another good idea is to declutter the property. Home buyers are going to be more likely to envision themselves living in space if there is room for imagination. Be careful about having personal artifacts around too. Anything personal can be a reminder to the buyers that they are in someone else's home, and not potentially theirs. For this walkthrough of sorts, you might also want to have your home stager with you as well. Be careful with this too by understanding that your home stager might want your home to look a way that you dislike, but they know what they are doing. Also, the client should be comfortable with letting the stager and the agent walk through the condo or home by themselves. They might want to go over other possible changes and get their ideas thought out before presenting to you a list of suggestions and improvements to make. They should be specific improvements, such as " buy new doormat." This checklist is essential and should be completed before listing the property. The agent and stager are not criticizing you for your style or choices. They are there to help the client sell their property, and nothing less. Pay considerable attention to detail when it comes to making these changes. Potential buyers will be looking over every little aspect of your property, so it is crucial that you do not leave out anything on that checklist and that the changes made are done well.

4. Clean Home, Happy Buyers
Home buyers all look for different things when buying a house, but when it comes to the cleanliness of a house, they will all agree on one thing- they all will hate a dirty house. If a buyer sees that a home is cluttered, sticky, smells funny, or dusty, they will want to leave as soon as possible. For that reason, Engel & Volkers agents have a cleaning checklist, and we can recommend a cleaning service on island. Make sure your home is clean and ready before listing it. Using a checklist to do so makes the process easy and prevents you from forgetting to do anything.

5. The timetable for When to Leave
Presumably, the clients won't want to be on the property when potential buyers are looking around. Make sure they are NOT at home for some of the following events:
Preparation for your home to be staged, Home photo shoot, Scheduled broker caravan, Scheduled open houses, Set showing appointments, Inspections planned or appraisals. Also if you have a dog, please take them with you for these appointments.

6. Prepare a list of the services you use to hand over to the Engel & Volkers Real Estate Agent and Advisor 
Jot down the phone numbers, account numbers and email address for the gardener, pool maintenance, home insurance providers, CUC - power account numbers and Cayman Water or Water Authority account numbers for a smooth transition. This will also help the Vendo mentally adjust to their goal of selling. This list will help home sellers; they will be less mentally and physically drained. Doing these tasks will make the transition into a new home much smoother.

Heidi Kiss, Broker, License Partner and Advisor

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