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Staging Cayman Real Estate starts with the outside! Why is Curb Appeal so Vital?

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 at 12:41pm Shell Admin Cayman Islands

Staging Your Home in the Cayman Islands from outside – in!

Staging Master bedrooms or what I like to call the Owners Retreat!
Your very own Owners retreat in the Cayman Islands should be an oasis. You are selling space; you have to let the purchaser imagining themselves and their furniture in there.

Stage the master bedroom by emphasising its size while showcasing the privacy comfort and intimacy. A bright room with light furniture, light blinds and curtains and classic white bedding will make the bedroom look inviting; it will be more elegant, bright and clean. Add some pop of colours with throw pillows. Do be overly masculine but also don't have had a hot pink hot flash! Again any photos or artwork should be neutral. Now the master bedroom closet, this idea is a game changer. Remove at least 70-80% of your clothing and pack it up and move it to storage. A simple but organised closet will make a huge difference it will show off the real estate in the closet. Put all your skirts together (by colour) and put all your tops together, suit jackets, pants and organise by colour. Remove any extra dressers and cabinets and do not have plastic bins full of clothes that you may fit into one day!

Now let's discuss the master bathroom in your home or condo in the Caymans. This unique room should be a peaceful, calm, haven of luxury. How? Keep it clean, uncluttered and straightforward. Medicine cabinets are a huge help in combating clutter! Hide the toothbrush and water park and medications. I bought an 8" thick medicine cabinet from Ikea, that was installed in between the studs in the wall and let me tell you it fits so many little bottles, I was able to hang some of my necklaces inside the cabinet. Buy a vanity that has a lot of drawers so that you can organise all your small items, even having a basket of things you use every morning that you can slip into a drawer afterwards. ALT Home Depot, they have some fashionable shower doors and get rid of the shower curtain once and for all. Add small showers shelves between the studs to tuck in bottles of shampoo. Place a soft and fluffy bright white bath mat, put out some used soaps, and some fresh flowers in the bathroom are an exceptional touch most homeowners or Realtors don't even think to do.

Staging the Children’s Bedrooms, Guest Rooms and Kitchen!

Now on to the more challenging part of the house the child's bedroom. Try and make the room appear larger by removing the dark wall colour and taking out any extra furniture. Make sure the window blinds or curtains are a light colour or open for the showings. A professional real estate agent will come to the house before a viewing and will turn on all the lights the beautiful chandelier and side lamps and open all the blinds and curtains. Try to organise the toys and clutter as best as you can. Removing anything from the floor makes the floor space look more substantial. Store the toys on a bookshelf or better yet pack up the old toys to donate them to the local Cayman hospital or daycares that are in need.

In the Cayman Islands, it is so important to stage a guest room, we all have visitors who want to enjoy some sun and san, so our guest rooms are used. More than likely a purchaser will have a guest room on their required list that they gave their real estate agent, so it is a good idea to stage a room with a Queen size bed with a headboard, no footboard is needed it just takes up space, you will need one or 2 queen-size mattresses, a bedside table and reading lamp, a small dresser and a small desk and chair. Put a cosy quilt and stack some folded white towels along with a couple of bright beach towels.

Kitchens! What can we say about this vital piece of real estate! The heart of the home, this is where the laughter and the tears happen, where the homework gets done and where the accomplished are celebrated! The Cayman Kitchen is where good and bad news is shared with the family. The Kitchen is the heard of the home and where everyone gathers when you have a dinner party. So, what is the key to showcasing your home? Keep the Kitchen, clean, bright and uncluttered! There is no excuse for a smelly or dirty kitchen; it is just unacceptable. Dark, dingy kitchens can appear dirty even if they are sanitary, so to counteract that feeling by opening blinds, shining up the appliances and faucets, keep the countertops free of clutter, hid the toaster, mixer, coffee grinder, toaster oven. Install under the cabinet lights to brighten the space. Sometimes, purchaser opens your cupboard doors, so organize your dishes.

Heidi Kiss, Broker, License Partner and Advisor

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