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What do Realtors Really Do for You?

Monday, March 12th, 2018 at 9:54pm Shell Admin Cayman Islands

Have you ever wondered what on Earth your real estate agent is doing behind your back? We don’t mean doing anything illegal or underhanded.  You may see us showing a home, writing up an offer and then accepting a big fat commission cheque, you may conclude it is easy work.  But there is hours and hours of skill that was not learned overnight that goes into making a Realtor a Brilliant and Successful Realtor.

It has been said that for ever hour an agent spends with you; they will be spending another 6-9 hour on your behalf that you will never know about. The reason is that we do not get paid one cent until you find a home you love and buy it and move in.   That is the way we ask purchasers to pick one CIREBA realtor to work with as we do not get paid until we help you find the perfect home.

They shop property online

Yes, we look online at other homes as well, even on Ecaytrade.  Our real estate research goes beyond looking flipping thru pictures, Heidi Kiss at Engel & Völkers estimates she spends at least 1 hour per day researching potential properties. She is continuously looking at new listings that hit the market as she works with a dozen people at any given time and she needs to alert them to any new listings and fast. 

They go prospecting

As experienced Realtors, we can learn a lot from photos and data, but there is nothing like seeing a house in person to know the property.  Our Team of Advisors at Engel & Volkers regularly do what is called a Caravan, Day, meaning all 15 of us go from each other listings and give listing feedback to the agent.

They attend training

We don't just show property, and that is it; we work on our negotiation skills, we listen to webinars, videos sales presentations and negotiation skills, anything that will help us be more organized and useful to our clients.

They spend their own money on marketing

All listing agents have to pay a bit of their own money on marketing; you want a successful realtor who has the money to invest in your property position it in the best light possible. At Engel  volkers, we have access to fantastic magazines such as Robb Report, Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest just to name a few and this is all before they earn a commission check.

They write up offers and counteroffers

Engel & Volkers Advisors are skilled at writing up Offers and even counteroffers as this is an essential part of the transaction. If it is done poorly, you can lose out on a lot of money.

They take care of the speed bumps in the road

Good agents will work hard to shield their customers and clients from drama unless it is vital they know about it.  We put out fires, there are a lot of things that come up, but we can solve them before they come to a massive forest fire.

They keep you calm when drama happens

Most sales do not go smoothly—buyers have buyers remorse and sellers have sellers remorse, and a good agent will help you thru this. These emotions are universal, and an agent has dealt successfully with other before.  Experienced agents are problem solvers and try to be positive and not drama queens.

Heidi Kiss, Broker, License Partner and Advisor

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